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Great value for money travel insurance to protect you and your family when you are travelling: on holiday, on business, on a cruise, backpacking or on a winter sports trip.

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Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Insuratrip Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance is available from just £18.40* for the whole year! That’s the equivalent of just £1.53 per month!


Whilst InsuraTrip Travel Insurance can provide cover for Travel for Business and Leisure purposes it is now limited to Business Travel Only in the short term in accordance with Government Guidelines.

The Government have stated that you MUST NOT leave home including to travel abroad, unless you have a legally permitted reason to do so, such as for essential work purposes.

If you feel that you have an essential reason to travel, please be aware that in the event of a claim you will be asked to prove without doubt that the reason for your trip was essential. If you are unable to do so your claim may be at risk of not being met. If you are in any doubt about whether your trip is deemed essential please check on the website:

If you are wishing to travel for leisure only purposes, then we are ONLY able to provide cover for trips that start AFTER the 1st April 2021. 

Please Note:

Our policies do not provide cover for cancellation, abandonment or curtailment claims if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against all or “all but essential” travel.

With the exception of Section B2 – Emergency Medical, our policies will not cover any claims caused by or relating to Coronavirus, COVID-19, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COV-2), any mutation of Coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARs-COV-2 or any pandemic or fear or threat of any the above. We also can not cover any claims relating to any fear or threat concerning these viruses.

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Do you travel abroad for holidays or business trips more than once a year?

If you go abroad just twice a year, an Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance policy could save you valuable time and money. Maybe you have a winter sports holiday and a summer beach holiday? Or maybe you like to explore a number of different places on weekend city breaks each year? Either way an Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance policy can cover an unlimited number of these and other trips  in a year (as long as each trip is no longer than the maximum per trip duration that applies to your chosen level of Annual Multi-Trip policy).

Buying a multi-trip insurance policy means you don’t have to spend time searching and comparing travel insurance every time you want to travel.

Important Information for Customers with Serious Medical Conditions

The Money and Pensions service (MaPs) has developed a directory of specialist travel insurance to ensure customers with pre-existing medical conditions are easily able to obtain access to affordable travel insurance. If we are unable to help you and you are struggling to find medical cover that suits your needs, due to a serious medical condition, you may find a company that can help you through the MaPs travel insurance directory or by calling 0800 138 7777 - Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm.

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Insuratrip Annual Multi Trip Insurance key benefits:

  Basic Standard Super Premier
Max No. of Days Per Trip 32 32 45 62
Max Cancellation £500 £1,000 £5,000 £7,500
Emergency Medical Expenses £10m £10m £10m £10m
Baggage £500 £1,000 £2,000 £3,000
Excess £195 £195 £95 £50


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Check you have the cover you need Swimming

Cover for over 100 exciting sports and activities are included in our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy as standard. To find out which activities you are already covered for with this policy, and which activities you can still get cover for by payment of additional premium, take a look at our Sports & Activities List.

If you are looking to take part in activities that are considered dangerous and/or hazardous, such as sky diving, you may not be covered under this policy. The good news is that we can still cover most activities requested, with our Adventure & Sports Travel Insurance.

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Looking to travel for a longer period?

If you are planning on travelling longer than the number of days allowed on the Insuratrip Annual Multi-Trip policy (see table above) in any one trip then you will not be covered for any part of that trip; our Back Packer or Backpacker Plus Travel Insurance Policies may be better suited to you because they are specifically designed to cover longer duration policies, up to 24 months click here for more information.

Did you forget something?

At Insuratrip, we believe in providing the best possible service for our customers. This is why we have teamed up with an excellent provider of holiday add-ons, to bring you a wider range of services that will make your trip perfect!

Offering services such as:

  • Airport Parking
  • Airport Transfers
  • Hotels
  • Airport Lounges
  • and more!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to take a look at the latest deals and offers!

What's Included

Insuratrip features a range of super benefits as standard. Insuratrip also features some great add-ons for you to tailor your policy and so you only pay for the cover you need.

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Pre-Existing Conditions

This policy does not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions unless declared to us and accepted by us in writing (an additional premium may be payable). Please refer to the policy wording for the definition of conditions or significant medical history that must be declared if you are unsure. Failure to declare all necessary pre-existing conditions could invalidate your policy or mean a claim is later declined.


To declare your Pre-Existing Conditions please telephone Insuratrip Healthcheck on 0203 829 3814 Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm.

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Key Features
& Policies Include

  • Instant Quote and Cover
  • Wide Range of Discounts
  • Kids Go Free on Family Policies
  • 24/7 Emergency Helpline
  • Medical Expenses
  • Cancellation Cover
  • Baggage Cover
  • Personal Accident & Liability Cover
  • FREE cover for 100+ Sports
    and Activities
  • Independent Travel On
    Multi-Trip Policies
  • Wide Range of Options including gadgets and cruises
  • 1,000s Medical conditions considered
  • Online Policy Documentation
  • We don't store credit card details
.... and more

Optional Extras

  • WinterSports Option
  • Gadget Cover Option
  • Cruise Plus Cover Option
  • Golf Cover option
  • Business Plus Cover Option
  • Wedding Cover option
  • Nil Excess Option
.... and more

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